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The benefits of having a virtual currency revenue model are becoming more apparent, leading to an exponential increase in the number of virtual currency platform providers currently operating in the industry.

This site is designed to help raise your awareness of what the different virtual currency platforms have to offer, making it easier for you to decide which one would be the best fit, whether you own or build social networks, social applications, virtual games / worlds, MMOGs or other social properties.

We are currently micro-tracking every major virtual currency platform on the market in order to provide you with a comprehensive and independent overview of their organization, strategy, products, technology, financials, marketing and support.

To help you interpret all this data, we encourage you to read our article on how to choose a virtual currency platform, which will give you some basic tips and questions you should ask yourself before picking your platform of choice.

For a quick understanding on the subject matter you might want to read: what is a virtual vurrency platform. CIOs and researchers will find extensive market data by going through the virtual goods industry’s facts & figures.

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While we do our very best to keep the vast amounts of information on this site valid, it is possible that some of it becomes outdated after a period of time. Please contact us and let us know so we can rectify the error(s). We also welcome any questions or comments you might have.

That said, we hope you enjoy your reading and research and that you are able to find the virtual currency platform tailored to your needs.

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